Do you steal?

Lol not like big stuff, more along the lines of lip balm and batteries

Butteredtoast can not steal what is already his.


When I was homeless I had to steal a bit here and there. I’ve seen some homeless guys pinch a bottle of water… or a pair of socks… I get that.

But now that I’m not homeless… stealing feels like bad karma


Buttered toast agrees with you.

I steal candy from babies


Nope. Don’t even bootleg software or music. If I didn’t pay for it or earn it, I don’t want it.



@Kellie it’s really dangerous to steal. You could get caught and get a record for that. I hope you stop. I am worried for you.

when i worked a supermarket id scarf the outdated food quick

other than that i dont think so… im not really against it in general… i think there are levels of right and wrong and who you steal from does truly matter. when i was a kid i did wrong by stealing from good people that worked hard for modest pay… i feel that was wrong but i dont judge strictly against boosting from supermarkets or the rich.

But if i were homeless again i would likely play by the rules as best i could and rely on the good will of religious and social programs.

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I stole an orange when I was homeless, I hate to admit it but after nearly starving, it was the best most filling thing I’ve ever eaten.


Good and bad is a perspective, if you catch an std but have no money to buy the cure at walgreens. Your damn right Im going to steal that ■■■■, especially if its the itchy kind.

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Nope. :new_moon:

but when younger yes… :angel:
take care :alien:

I only had to do stuff like that when I was broke and homeless and out of state by myself, no family or friends and lots of unpredictable outcomes.

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When I was 13 and used to skateboard my friend and I nicknamed ourselves “The Two Dollar Bandits”. We’d go into the gas station and steal a bunch of snacks and drinks for our group of friends and only buy two one dollar iced teas. We did this for one whole summer. We probably stole over $75 worth of food that summer. Kinda ashamed about it now, but hey we were kids.

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I steal hearts and minds. Or something.


At the assisted living center where I live they hand out a free pack of cigarettes to the smokers here every day. Because of that they had crates and crates of cigarettes in storage. They used to take cartons from these crates and pass out cigarettes from them. Sometimes they left cartons laying around with a few packs of cigarettes in them. I would steal a pack or two from those cartons and sell them for one dollar. I also pilfered a little bit of food here and there. Then they started to give the non-smokers the money they would have spent on their cigarettes if they smoked - $50.00 a month. When they did that I quit pilfering cigarettes.

When I was homeless I stole things. But only from places like Walmart.

No. I think stolen things have a curse on them. I think you end up paying one way or another. But that’s just me.

After reading this thread I remembered one time I did steal. the guy I went into the store with was drunk and so was I and he didn’t tell me but he knew the cashier at this store. He said, “open your coat” and he then packed about six packages of steaks in there. “close it up” I did laughingly and followed him to the cashier he knew and she just let us walk out…I was petrified and never did anything like that again.

Basically only if I had no food would be 99% of the reason I had to steal