Did you ever steal food?

Food didn’t mean that much to me. That’s why I stole it. If I really valued food I would know enough not to steal it.

i have the annoying habit of asking if i can eat something at home… i only ask because maybe someone wants to eat it first… trying to kick the habit but its almost like its an automatic responce…

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I did when I was <13 y.o. but never and will never steal as an adult. Food is not worthless. We live on it.

There is only one thing I ever stole from a shop in my whole life
A packet of tick tacs
My mum noticed how guilty I looked and I must have been clutching the pocket where the tick tacks were and she was mad. Like totally

I never tried to steal after that

When I was young, I used to steal all the time. I quit stealing long, long ago.

Never stole food. I stole a sticker and a toy soldier from classmates. That’s all. Never shoplifted.

Nope not usually … I have 190 / month in food stamps

I don’t think I stole out of hunger. I think I was mad.

Me when I was younger than 13, we stole gum from the dollarstore, I felt forced because my friends all went in the dollarstore. It was only like 1-2 times though. I felt bad about it.

I used to steal food from my roommate in college . She had all the good junk food, like pop tarts. I had the willpower not to buy it in the store. I actually get embarrassed to buy junk food but I did steal my roommates food all the time.

When I lived in banff as a young adult for awhile I lived in my car. One time all I had was $2 and no food. I bought a loaf of bread and stole a small block of cheese. I felt terrible about it.


I never stole, but when I was homeless I used a dating app to go on dates with guys I didn’t like just so I could get free food.

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I stole food when I was about thirteen or fourteen.

A girl and I used to steal a loaf of bread so we could have it for breakfast or lunch.

I got caught stealing a chocolate ball once.

It was awful.

I hated stealing but this girl talked me into doing it.

When I stopped hanging out with her so much I stopped stealing food.

She was incredibly attractive and later became a prostitute.

Her brother almost became my boyfriend.we had sex once.

I don’t steal not have I since my early teens.

I don’t like stealing.hate it.

Awful feeling it was to do it.

I remember saying no to her but she kept at me and I wasn’t strong enough to stick to my no.unfortunately.

I was under the influence of someone else, too. That might be how it always gets started.

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When I was about 6 years old I got into my Aunts closet and found her change and stole some of it and went to the donut store and bought a bag of donut holes. My Mom caught me with the bag of donut holes and some of the change and I got in bad trouble for stealing. When I got older I used to take change from another Aunt to buy me and a friend of mine treats after school. But I don’t think I ever directly stole food.

During my addiction I used to spend all my food money on crack so I used to go to the food bank and get a bag of groceries for free once a week. That’s kind of stealing but I think 90% of the people who went there were doing the same thing.

Yea drugs are powerful, ppl do anything when addicted to them.

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Iv had dreams when I steal food from a cafeteria

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