Do you smoke?

That’s great to hear. I used to use the e-cig for cravings whilst I was at work. I didn’t want the smell of cigarettes on me, so I would pop into the toilets and use the e-cig.
My flavour of choice was menthol. Those were the kind of cigarettes I used to smoke also.
Keep up the great work abstaining from them.

@aaron thank you! Right now I have been smoking strawberry banana and I love it. lol

Thanks, I wasn’t sure how bad the nicotine itself was for you. I’m just happy to keep the crud out of my lungs. Even if I stay using the lozenges it will be good enough.

im a heavy smoker, about 25 30 cigs a day, i would like to stop but my will power is not strong enough at the moment, maybe one day i will say goodbye

I started smoking when I was 8 years old. I quit when I was 14-15. Now I use wet snuff instead. This can only be found in Sweden. It’s a small bag of tobacco you put unnder your upper lip. I snuff a bit more than ½ box a day, 10-15 snuffs.

Thank you all for sharing. Some interesting responses.

@Comatose I understand. Snus! I was puzzled, as I know that in English, Snuff is the stuff you sniff up your nose. I looked it up though, very confusing. At least you’ll not be doing your lungs any harm or damage. :wink:

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I’ve never smoked or done illegal drugs. I do eat compulsively sometimes though. and i like to drink soda. I quit it and go back on it and quit it again.

I can smoke or breathe, but not both.

My son smokes a lot. Up to 40 cigarettes a day. Sometimes more. He also likes snuff or chewing tobacco. The nicotine content is a lot higher then cigarettes so I think it gives him a type of high feeling. I worry about his oral hygiene and what all this is doing to his teeth and mouth.

As much as I love nicotine, I could never do chew. I’m always afraid I’d swallow it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Something about it never appealed. Before I decided to quit, I was tempted to try and get a pipe and start pipe tobacco.

Still holding at three a day.

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