Do you shave?


i shave my face about once a week

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I used to shave every other day. Lately I shave once or twice a month. I shaved today and got a haircut. I want to try to shave regularly again. Seems like the razors last longer that way.

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I shave. But I only have to shave my legs about once per month because the hair is blond and scarce.

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I shave my armpits about once a week.

Haven’t shaved my legs in years because I have really fine blonde leg hair, so you can’t really tell.

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I shaved my private parts a couple of times. The itchiness when the hair started growing back cured me of ever wanting to do that again. Besides, if any girl had seen me that way, it probably would scared the bejesus out of her.


Only my palms twice a day. Those old wives tales are true!!


Yes, I shave so I don’t look like a freaking caveman

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I have to shave but my facial hair is thick so it’s tough.

I bought a beard trimmer at Walmart last week but it doesn’t work worth a damn. Still have to shave.

I have never found an electric razor that works. The ones at the barber shop seem okay. I don’t know where to get one.

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Don’t dis the caveman look. Some of us like it.




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I shave every 2nd day as stubble around my neck and chin are difficult to shave initially. I have to look clean and shaven for work as it is proper grooming matched with appropriate attire.

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I shave every 3 days. Don’t get too hairy tho.

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I’d love to be able to say I shave every day or every other day like I usually do, but apparently I seem to be in a funk. When I was in a relationship I was 100% on top of it. But lately I’ve been seriously slacking. Most of it has to do with my sciatica symptoms and the severe pain I can get from bending as I can barely even dry myself out of the shower at times. Overall, I do think it affects my confidence though since it is one of the factors that would normally contribute to feeling like a desirable woman.

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I haven’t really shaved since I came out as trans & nonbinary.

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I trim my beard like twice a year. Have to clip the stasche every week though.
Been thinking about a Sikh stasche but dunno how to maintain it


always used to shave
this girl doesn’t even have a bikini line it just tapers to the knees


I like when the barber shaves my beard with a cutthroat . It a nice experience. But i can’t afford it.

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