Do you put things off?

I do- or do you get straight on with the task? It is easy to get distracted by the non essentials of life.
I am building up to changing my duvet cover etc. It has been over a month since I changed them.

Procrastinating - Yes

See if this helps any…

Yep all the time gotta fill out those disability papers

I get the reverse problem- I do things before having fun crosses my mind. My anxiety disorder makes me feel like unless I get a certain amount of work done every day, I can’t be relaxed and socialize or even enjoy myself. Like right now I am waiting for my bigass mug of coffee to kick in so I can finish my reading that is due tuesday- I bet most kids in the class arent even reading, probably looking at online summaries, sparksnotes, whatever, I did that a few times in high school but that was high school, not university with plans of going to grad school.

Like I will have to finish one of the books for this english class before I talk to this guy I am dating like I do every night or I will just be thinking about the chapters I have to read.

My personality type, ENTJ, doesnt put things off unless they are truly trivial- like how I never made a dentist appointment this summer because I was too lazy and they always say I have perfect teeth. But put me in school and I am up at 930am drinking coffee on spring break, getting ready to write papers, because if I dont do papers early, I can’t live with the anxiety.

I have a personality that does well with getting things done IF AND ONLY IF they must be done. Otherwise I just sit around and watch anime, go to the gym, and then watch more anime, or I hangout with my friends, sometimes we sit around, watch anime, go to the gym and then watch more anime together. Now that is something, two guys watching anime, lifting weights and eating all day and night. It happens. lol

I just realised why I put that particular task off (a) the thought of the effort needed and (b) regularly seem to get an ache in my lower back when doing it.

Still it might have taken me several weeks to get round to it but I’ve done it

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Oh yes, definitely I’m a BIG procrastinator! For example, it took a day to do my laundry, another day to take it off the line, and another three days or so to sort it and pack it away! Maybe part of it is my negative symptoms playing up (lack of motivation) but I was always a procrastinating person. In school before exams I put off studying until the last moment and then I crammed it all in at once. I’m just like that, I seem to work best under pressure otherwise I will never get anything done. I wait for my husband to say the house needs cleaning before I do anything. Terrible isn’t it?

Do I put things off? I guess I’ll try to have my answer by tomorrow… :wink:

Sorry, it’s an old joke.

Yes, I do put things off and I’m trying not to procrastinate.

It’s sort of a thin line of a situation… My sis want’s to give me enough time so I’m not frazzled by being taken to do something, but she doesn’t want to give me enough time to find a way out of it.

I find I do that with homework too… I’ve been working on just getting the homework stuff done.

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I was going to wait a couple of days before posting in here. :slight_smile:


I washed my moldy old quilt today…


i’m terrible for putting things off. there is soooo much to do that it becomes overwhelming. right now i need to clean my house. it’s 4.30am and i’m thinking of making a start but i don’t want to do it. my bed needs changing after a week. just loaded the dishwasher and i’ll put a wash on in a mo. then tidy the kitchen, then the lounge. but first i need to change the litter tray for my two older cats. infact i’m gonna do that right now. xxx

Dust never ceases to collect.
The broom, the vacuum like in fairytales
Delay payment of the debt.
Feigning, we forget.

Oh you can say that again! The dust collects faster than my sweeping takes it away!