Do you prefer living alone?

im dreading the idea of leavingmy current place to live alone. I get lonely very easily.


It’s got it’s advantages.

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I think I would like living alone.

I wouldn’t mind. Less having to clean up people’s ■■■■ and less having to touch other people’s underwear while fishing for my socks in the laundry. I want my dog though.

I live with my parents and sister who has bipolar and borderline and also two cats and two dogs.

It can be quite entertaining, I will say that.

I lived alone for a bit… I hated it… I shut down and it was very hard for me. I got so lonely too.

I live with my sister now… I can’t live alone. It’s too hard for me.

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i live alone now but i have my friend sweep to keep me company and she comes over most days, i think we help each other, i also have other friends but i dont see them as much and the occasional paying guest as i rent my room over night sometimes.

its good bc she lives alone as well and when my place get stifling i go over to hers or even my mums place sometimes, i do get fed up with my place a lot and thats why i need an escape.

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I’ve only lived 5 months alone out of my 50 years, and it was a tough, but very rewarding time.

The good: Crawling out of the shadow of the other(s) you lived with and discovering who you really are.

The bad: A box of 40 danish pastries lasting one weekend, no one else to blame.

And the ugly: When all the numbers fall off the clock and you find yourself under the house just exploring for the last 5 hours, and it didn’t really bother you that the poor snake lost it’s head when you set the flashlight down too hard I guess.
…and Denny’s sounded good, but it’s not your birthday, so you’ll make yet another pile of tasty toast for ?lunch? dinner?

I would prefer my wife was still alive but as for living with anyone else - probably not . Unless they could put up with my social quirks and I felt comfortable with them getting that close to me.
I think on the living alone question much can depend on whether living alone means social isolation, or whether you live alone but have some degree of social network beyond just family ,hopefully.
I certainly would like family to be living closer to me.

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I moved from a large two man room to a much worse one man room so I wouldn’t have to have a room mate. I do need a little interaction with others - just to rub elbows, so to speak, but other than that I don’t need much company. It’s usually a relief for me when I get to be alone.

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I have lived alone for many years, I like it, I think it is much more peaceful than living with other people. Yes, there are times I want to talk with somebody and I have my psych meetings and regularly call one person.

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All my life i prefered to live alone. But now that i got a daughter i cant imagine my life without her anymore. So no i cant live without my family i used to, but not anymore.

I have a hard time staying alone in the house for short periods of time - Fear of being alone is called Monophobia, I do think that i have this, its related to my panic disorder and Agoraphobia.

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No. I think that living alone is the worst thing we can do for ourselves. We are only isolating ourselves even more from the rest of the world then we are already, mentally speaking.


I always wanted to live on my own. Hate feeling like I have to be cared for, but the problem is is when I tried to live alone it went really wrong. Also I get so lonely and I talk to things and I don’t go out because of how I think people look at me. I guess I just do better when I have people around.

I found this guy a few years ago and ran into this (below). This guy did more than any therapist I have ever encountered to changed my perspectives on pretty much everything.

"Aloneness Is Not Loneliness

"Though we are all human beings, we have built walls between ourselves and our neighbors through nationalism, through race, caste, and class, which again breeds isolation, loneliness.

"Now a mind that is caught in loneliness, in this state of isolation, can never possibly understand what [spirituality] is. It can believe, it can have certain theories, concepts, formulas, it can try to identify itself with that which it calls God; but [spirituality], it seems to me, has nothing whatsoever to do with any belief, with any priest, with any church or so-called sacred book. The state of the [spiritual] mind can be understood only when we begin to understand what is; and the understanding must be approached through total aloneness. Only when the mind is completely alone can it know what is beauty, and not in any other state.

“Aloneness is obviously not isolation, and it is not uniqueness. To be unique is merely to be exceptional in some way, whereas to be completely alone demands extraordinary sensitivity, intelligence, understanding. To be completely alone implies that the mind is free of every kind of influence and is therefore uncontaminated by society; and it must be alone to understand what is [spiritual], which is to find out for oneself whether there is something immortal, beyond time.”

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I’m not looking forward to moving out of my parents house. I’m already very depressed as it is. Being in an empty house would not be good for me. I do want to move out on my own one day but i want to be fully recovered, job, car, relationship ect.

That would be better expressed as “Aloneness is not necessarily loneliness” .

I’ve lived with roommates and alone for the past 11 years (now 30 years old) I’ve lived with strangers, and good friends.
I found I was more paranoid living alone, and got lonely quickly.
With roommates, they generally irritate me for some reason or another, but I get very lonely and isolate when I live by myself. I lose track of time. Roommates are also good for “reality checks”.

I freaking love living alone (relatively speaking) if I had other people to deal with I probably would have been put away somewhere long ago.

But each unto their own,may god bless you.

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