Do you people here like me?

I haven’t posted selfies…

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Sorry confused you with someone else. My mistake.

But seriously the Say Anything thread is great to get your feet wet should you so choose.

I don’t know you so, it is impossible to not like you.

I don’t know you well enough to hate you. I want you to be well and hopefully get better.

I think that happens through a consistent application of medicine and trying to get to the best lowest therapeutic dose from my understanding of the science at the moment.

I don’t dislike you.

I think you’re cool :sunglasses:

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I don’t dislike you! You’ve never done anything to me. Put your mind at ease.

I don’t like you. You called someone stupid who was trying to help you. I can’t remember who it was now but that was not nice of you.


I don’t hate you I think you need help and probably a med change I’ve been through similar ■■■■ a lot of times so I can emphasize

Most people here don’t like me.

Try participating in other threads instead of only making and participating in your own. Get invested in, and support other people here. It’s hard for people to like someone who’s only concerned about herself.

Not only will being in other threads help us to get to know you better, but one of the best ways to feel better and get out of your head and your pain is to be of service to someone else.

Try the Say Anything thread. Sometimes it moves really fast, but it’s really casual, and about things other than SZ/SZA. It can be really nice not to constantly dwell on our illnesses.

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I Like you, don’t listen to the haters


I like you @flowers20 that is why I have tried to help you.

You’ve never done or said anything that would make me dislike you.


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