Do you people here like me?

Or not? Just wondering. Sorry if not.


We don’t hate you. But sometimes its hard to help a delusional person if their meds are not working.


I don’t think anyone dislikes you flowers20. I like you. It can be very frustrating trying to talk to you about your beliefs about N Korea, your boyfriend being the devil, cloning, the limits of plastic surgery and such things, however. I understand that you need reassurance that these things are not true though, so I get it. I used to have irrational beliefs way back when also.


Aziz light!!!

It’s a quote from the 5th element movie


i have same delusion as like you.i think we are ok :slight_smile:

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You have the same delusion as me?

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yes i thought people in this forum doesn t like me also.but hopefully its just a delusion.but who knows :laughing: :innocent:

I don’t dislike you.

Nobody is really saying they like me though…

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We like you @flowers20

I did.

I know you did lol.

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Honestly, @flowers20 , I don’t really know you. I only know about these beliefs and delusions of yours.


I’ve seen that you seem to be a very nice person who also seems to have some very persistent delusional beliefs that are frustrating.

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@flowers20 I like ya , but I don’t fully know you all they way . Nor do you know me all the way, but I do like you. I think your ok and just in need of some help.

If you talked and participated in other threads, people might be able to answer this question honestly.


I don’t know. You only post your delusions, and never talk about yourself outside of your delusions. And you never talk on threads about other people. So I don’t know what kind of person you are. I don’t dislike you though. I just have no idea whether or not you’re a good person


Why don’t you post on other threads?
Come on, be more social!

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i like you @flowers20
i just wish we could help you better.

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I certainly don’t dislike you but I know nothing apart from you and your selfies and what people are saying on this thread.

Maybe join the Say Anything thread. Every member is welcome. Perhaps share a few things about yourself. And remember this forum is as anonymous as you want it to be so sometimes we share intimate things and sometimes people share just enough to get an idea of a person.

No pressure though. Post as your comfort allows.

Your selfies are great but ironically that only shows part of the picture.



Confused OP for another member so I saw no selfies. Sorry.