So I get paranoia people don't like me

But pdoc said this is not part of a psychosis more so from when I was bullied that caused me to hold on to low ideas of myself


I like you, ish. You strike me as a nice person.


That’s sweet @freakonaleash , it’s more paranoid thinking like my brother has said bad things about me to his friends so I try avoiding them :flushed:


@anon80629714, I thought that people hated me for quite a few years. I felt like the whole world hated me and was against me. This feeling tortured me. I was never told that this was part of my “low self esteem” because I didn’t have low self esteem. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why people hated me so much. I thought I was a pretty neat person. I thought the whole world was just evil.

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