Do you live on your own


Do you stay with your parents or are you self dependent.

Also what ages did you move out?

I stay with my parents there is no way on earth I can live on my own.

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Ya me too.

My parents always trying to nudge me to try move out though. Im sure i can do it though

I do pay rent here though so it makes me feel a bit better.

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I personally don’t feel bad about it cause I can’t and that’s it.
I am not to fault for it as it is not in my hands.

Erez are u from usa

I live with my grandma. I pay rent and help out.

@User44 I am from Israel.

I lived with my wife when I got sick we continue to live independently . She doesn’t work

jassis i just freaked out hard now

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I was in and out of my parents house until I was 42. Then I was put in assisted living, and I’ve been here very nearly sixteen years. I discovered during one of my sojourns from my parents’ house that it is possible to have every creature comfort met and to be ready to go totally screaming out of your head with misery. We need a support system when we’re on our own.

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My mother lives with me (she’s an 83-year-old widow). I own my own house, and my girlfriend and mother live with me.


I live on my own. I moved out of my parents house when I was 17.

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I live with Mum both grandmothers and my brother but I’m independent … I’d like to move though but just don’t have the courage

Moved out on my own from my mother’s when I was 33 years old. Been living alone almost a year.
I periodically get behind on the dishes or vacuuming, but that’s when I’ll invite a cousin or friend over and that forces me to clean up.
Oh yea, I have a cat that I finally got a letter from the pdoc saying it’s my emotional support animal (shout out to those of you who told me how to go about it! can’t remember names sorry) and he’s okay to live with me in this no-pet apartment.
So, it’s just me and my cat. My mom doesn’t come in when she drops off food or money, so I spend a lot of time alone. :confused:


how often do u see a psychiatrist?

is it normal to go once a week

it varies. I just started taking abilify injections about 4 months ago, so for a while there I was seeing her like 4 weeks, 5 weeks, but my next appointment is more like 10 weeks, although part of that is only because she is busy.

I think it’s normal if like your meds might affect your blood sugar or whatever, or if they want to make sure you’re compliant. Generally, it’s about a couple of months between visits when all things are normal for me, though.

Are the injections better. im too freaked out to get the nurse to do it incase shes got an alteria motive

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Yes, if you’re having issues with medicine compliance and you’re skipping doses, I’d recommend it. I was skipping too many weeks, so I finally just volunteered for injections. My pdoc was happy because she’d been getting worried that I was drinking too much and skipping the abilify.

The nurses are nice at my city’s department for mental health care. Maybe if you say hi how are you? and listen to them, they’ll open up and smile and that will give you some trust…or maybe just be honest about it to them, like i’m very scared you’re injecting me with poison and maybe she can help you with your paranoia.

In terms of side effects, it’s the same, just a sore bum after the shot (get it in the bum because the arm is so painful aftewards! bum is better).
It’s a load of my back, that’s for sure! Just 4 weeks i drop in, visit the nurse for like 10 minutes, and walk out confident that I won’t go psychotic for the next month! It’s great!

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I live on my own have two cats for company and family near by if I need them . Moved out when I was 18 am now nearly 41.