Do you live in a better place,

or worse than when you were young? I think it shows a lot of oppression, if it’s worse. My house in Junior high and High school:


  • Better
  • Worse
  • About the same

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I wish I could afford even the same type of place.


Would you like me try to fix your poll?

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Yes. If you can. I forgot how

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fifteen characters

Sorry, I think I messed it up

I live in a better place.

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Yep…you deleted the poll. lol. oh well.

let me fix again.

Okay I’ll leave it alone

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I like it now in a one room in the city.

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It’s good now.

The reason you were having problems was that you were starting your poll on the same line as other text/picture data. You always need to start a poll on new line.

You’re very lucky.

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Okay, thank you.

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Our house is not quite as big as when I was younger but it is in a better location…We only have 3 people here instead of 5 though, so the size is not as important…so I put better. We had a two story house with a basement when I was a kid. Now we have a 1 story with a basement.


I lived in US military officers quarters growing up and I live in a two bed, two bath, apartment with balcony, and central heat and air, overlooking a manicured courtyard today.

I must say that the officer’s housing wasn’t bad.

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i always lived in same place since i was 3 years old

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The house i live in now with my husband and kids is about the same as what i grew up in. We’re in a different state now, and i love the weather and activities around here a lot more. Although, my parents owned their home and we rent, so its not exactly equal. With all my medical bills, plus my 4 yr old daughters (she is medically fragile, had brain surgery at 11 months old, has a feeding tube, might need a bone marrow transplant), we just cant get ahead.

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My house is about the same size and quality wise,

But I live in California right on the water.

Not some shithole town on Georgia.

So yes, it’s nicer,

It’s much nicer.

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