Do you like your tdoc?

I like mine a lot. He is very nice, very respectful, compassionate, empathetic, understanding. All the things you want in a good tdoc. My only complaint is that he sometimes hijacks my session. He will ask me how I am doing, I will briefly respond and then he will just run with the topic for the session. He talks a LOT and doesn’t ask me a lot of questions. Instead, I have to interject to speak. Aside from that, though, I like him. I got lucky that are spiritual and philosophical beliefs line up so that helps. Especially when he is rambling.
Do you like your tdoc? Why or why not?

my tdoc is doing gestalt therapy which was very beneficial to me while i was going there

beter than stupid cbt/rebt (i had a brief experience with those kinds of therapy)

he helped me to see myself more realistically
and i have a general problem to see and hear myself objectively

so yeah he is fine i guess

I like my therapist, she is very practical minded - a good analyzer.
She tries to keep up with the medications like the different AP’s.

I do trust her but the only thing is that she is not so familiar with dealing with Schiz patients.
She is not used to treating bipolar clients either.

She must have a lot of neurotic clients with milder forms of depression and anxiety.

But she is someone I can talk to and converse with.

She gives good sound advice.

My previous therapist I discovered was mostly used to treating grade school kids with behavioral issues/mild anxiety/depression. She was absolutely terrible, had no idea what to do for me and even seemed uncomfortable when I would discuss my psychotic symptoms. Our sessions were the same every time with her asking the same questions that always got the same answers, and never providing services or resources she was supposed to. Then she basically started cancelling appointments on me until I was forced to find a new therapist and effectively fire her.

After her I always ask professionals what their experience level is, especially regarding psychotic disorders, before agreeing to see them. I was naieve and trusting before.

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