Do you like your psychiatrist?

You couldn’t be more right key. I believe that alcohol was a major contributer for the worsening of my psychosis. And I belive that the 20 years sober was the key to my recovery.

My doctor is very good

Kinda feel bad for the mental health workers with the pressures they have.

I worked in a high pressure job 2016-2020

Never again

Life is too short to be driven into the ground - and given the health problems, not worth aggravating them too much

Fallen on my feet with the job I have now.

But the doctor has tried hard to work with me - even when I have not been my best

He was genuinely pleased to see the Clozapine work.

Various times in the community and hospital since about 2017 they have been pressuring me to take Clozapine

No regrets so far, even though I am stuck on laxatives! TMI :sweat_smile:

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yes and no she is ok I don’t trust her though and I think she talks stupid sometimes and is dumb and doesn’t know what she is doing or talking about, but I think that of most psych nurses I wish I had a Psych Dr instead of Nurse Practitioner.

Quite hornestly I really dont have a psychiatrist and they with draw the outreacht team because that it was to expensive to have one in my city But Im not bitter over that there`s no help to get. The only public assistance I get is one hour of cleanøing a month.
I have lived indepandently for 25 years. I manage self my meds and money. I go to get grocceries for mom an me every week. Mom has the same illness as I and recieve medical attension for that.
My dad died of cancer 5 years ago and had Lewid Buddy the last 10 years of his life.

Yeah, i don’t mind my one. He seems to have taken a liking to me, he seems cheery and happy to meet me whenever he does see me

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My (sorta?) new pdoc is a real little sweetheart. She’s very young (around 33 ish?), very cute, and very nice. I see her via telehealth. So far so good.

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My psychiatrist is professional but she has a very depressing vibe about her.

I’m planning to see her less regularly in the future. Once a month is too much for me.

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I wanna see them like once in 6 months or so!


I agreed with my psychiatrist that I would fly back every 3 months from Spain for a consultation and med prescription. Then I can also go to the pharmacy and catch up with friends and family.

I didn’t want to switch pdocs. It’s always a risk. Especially in a different language, system and culture.


I have no good thoughts running with my previous prof who I stayed with for 8 years… I went through about 4-5 different meds and after seeing a new pdoc(professor) was when I was able to see it working… smh lol, what’s it come to only laughing cause it’s crazy

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That’s a good idea! If I ever move abroad, I’ll do the same.

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It’s only a 2h30 flight from Brussels to Madrid.

It’s not like I have to do an intercontinental flight.

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