Do you like scary movies?

Like hills have eyes

Nope. I can’t watch them. Too intense for me!


every halloween we watch halloween one…that’s predictable and I know the movie by heart but it still scares me…I cannot watch the Exorcist…

Now that I have sz I can’t, neither Dr House.
I can’t sleep from fear.

I like horror movies and I recently bought some horror movies like all of the Halloween movies except for Halloween 3.

I love them! My favorite was Saw. It Follows was also really interesting, but it was a bit of a ■■■■■■■■ for a bit. I also had a love-hate relationship with the Babadook; it was so well done in terms of just how chilling it was. It really highlighted for me the reasons why I was always afraid of the dark, so it was like a nice controlled experience of fear.

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I like watching horror movies. I watched two tonight. Tonight I watched saw 2 and the conjuring.

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kinda triggering for me, so no, I don’t really watch scary movies. I do like The Shining, though.

I love horror movies!

I’m a huge fan of the genre.

They very rarely scare me.

I just find them fun and entertaining.

My faves are the ones from the seventies and eighties.


I never could watch them. Too scary

I’m totally desensitised to horror films at this point in my life

No I like nice family stories light hearted stories Christmas movies and comedies also bollywood

I can watch the cheesy older horror flicks from the 50s and 60s like the older Dracula and Frrankenstein movies but I can’t watch the more modern horror movies.


IDK. I liked Scary Movie.

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The old school ones are some of my faves.

The Spanish version of Dracula is amazing!!


I like scary movies but not slash and gore.

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I love horror movies. I love it when they give me a bit of a jump but that is rare as many can be quite predictable.


Thought simple scary movies like the original Blair Witch Project and the Paranormal Activity series are a lot of fun.


I like Elm Street and Hellraiser. Also Saw.

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