Do you keep thinking about pre sz memories?

I keep thinking about the good times and memories I had before sz. I cant get them back but feels a bit good thinking about them. Sometimes I feel like I am living in the past.


Yeah I find myself also thinking about pre-sz stuff…

I am thankful I had the experiences I had before sz though.


Yes I do a lot that I almost live in the past

It’s bcoz they were all pleasant and positive memories

My present sucks with so much negatives that I can’t bear and seems as if there is no hope

I draw hope from my past

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Same for me but I try to have hope sometimes. Like things could have been a lot worse too.

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Ya that’s a good way of thinking

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No i don t.i forgot my pre sz memories.and i dont miss too.because i always kind a paranoid and my life were not i m 110 kg and ugly as but i m more functional and more happy and more socialise.people doesn t care about your outlook.people care if you are sane or not.

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Sometimes. But mostly I just sit around in a negative symptom stupor looking forward to the next meal or cigarette :stuck_out_tongue: .

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Yes I do ALL the time

I have so many good memories of pre-sz times. Mostly memories of university days and chilling with my best mates and generally having a good time

I had a lot of good meaningful discussions with people from war-torn countries. We used to discuss politics of the regions they came from

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Nothing wrong with reminiscing about good times if it makes you feel better. I do that sometimes.

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i didn’t have a good life before sz so i don’t do it… i have some memories of jobs that i did… i have a few good memories of that and sometimes i think about those or have dreams about those moments too.

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