Do you have something better then to harp about your schizophrenia

we live with this illness all the time with symptom’s never knowing whats next. but all keep this in mind as to not bother… others . and trying to live that way is a hard way to live. just ask your self.


I don’t talk about schizophrenia to anyone in real life other than doctors. People don’t care and they can’t/won’t help. So I’ve learned to suffer in silence in real life.


I’ll talk about something like depression which many people can relate to but as far as voices go people look at me like I am making it all up. I learned not to argue with people. It’s too much aggravation to be honest.

I learned this in Iop. So I’m not going anymore. Thank you Iop for teaching me no one cares about my Sz. U can learn from the best or the worst Of experiences.

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I only talk about my sz with parents and closest friends. Even my grandma doesn’t know I’m ill.
I discuss movies, books, news, music etc. I’m not a chatterbox so I usually let the other person speak more.

I don’t think I think about it much during the day. I talk about on here a bit, but I always just saw it the same as talking about work at work.

I don’t let anyone know about my disorder except for my doctors and certain family members.
It’s frankly no ones business, plus no one cares.


I strive every day to be normal and let no one know


That’s so true, ppl think they can help but they can’t in reality and don’t know how.

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Schizophrenia is a death sentence.

I usually try to help other people spiritually, but i’m quitting it. No one cares. No one wants help. Everyone is self sufficient and no matter how ■■■■■■ up they are they only believe in their own truths. Thats ■■■■■■ up IMO.
As I said, no more help cause I agree that no one cares about our opinion.

I have a life and dreams apart from having a serious mental illness.

I don’t let having schizophrenia define me.



I like hearing some ppl talk about their sz problems.

Sometime you have to learn in order to get help you have to learn to help yourself

Theres no excuses for that Aziz, you have to take accountability for your life and move forward. Not trying to sound like a dick, but Id like to see you move forward. Youve been stagnant for a while by the sounds of what you post most of the time. Sometimes all it takes is a change of perception to get you moving in the right direction bud

I feel the same way.

Not enough is being done to get people to be part of the community and this puts a big hole in the recovery model

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Well, the forum is here exactly for talking aboutyour sz or sza. Don’t let one post keep you from talking here and sharing. This is for SUPPORT, not for tearing us down.


I used to be part of a mental health group with MIND and they stopped it cos of insufficient funding. Really was unfortunate for my mental health as at that time I needed to have a reason to go and meet ppl.

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That sucks.

We have a local Mind here, but everything they do is the times I am working so I can’t attend

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Haha - I fell out with MIND about six years ago. Left a few un-savoury messages on their answer-phone, whilst psychotic and the bstards had me nicked for it under the communications act.

Bunch of damn hypocrites. lol.

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