Do you have something better then to harp about your schizophrenia

aw that is annoying man. sorry to hear that i know how you feel. MIND is proper good for some things.

@Joker, that sux that they arent open in the weekends, i remember that.

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Lol thats ok. I made sure to email the Director of Mind, saying i was an un-diagnosed Sz at the time. MIND is Well Beneath me Anyways. I wouldn’t use them if i was dying lol.

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Absolutely. This is the only way I talked to anyone about schizophrenia besides medical professionals. But I agree with what @ZombieMombie said.

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That’s not true, I mean I’m schizophrenic and I am doing very well. I am going to dedicate my life to helping people pretty much by become a social worker. I’m a very high functioning schizophrenic many people I tell say that they never would have known if I hadn’t told them. They don’t treat me any differently either because I have a great personality. You also have to know who to tell and who not to tell.

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