Do you have insurance?

Can I get insurance if I am schizo?

I just recently got insurance

how does it work ? if you have a mental illness? Abilify medication is around 130$ per month without insurance.

I have Blue cross in alberta, not sure if you have it there

I went through united healthcare and they set me up with blue cross blue shield. The plan I have covers mental health issues

no I don’t think so - I need to figure out before going. Also have to keep discreet.

I have auto insurance, but no medical. :cry:

Only insurance you probably can’t get is life insurance, and if you can it will be extra expensive

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Yes. I have Medicaid

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I have medicaid, so yes.

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Health insurance through a job, no problem. Would not disclose my diagnosis or meds.
Health insurance through Obamacare, if you are not receiving disability pay.
If you are on disability pay but in first 2 years of payments, you may have few health insurance options you can afford if your state does not offer Medicaid to low income people who pay a monthly premium.
You can ask at psych doctor/case manager if your state offers Medicaid insurance to people on disability who work…This is a nice program with really low deductibles. You pay a monthly premium for your insurance and few other costs.

Eye Doctor may accept medicare if you have some kind of eye problems - only pays for exam like if you need your eyes dilated once in a while. I do get mine dilated due to astigmatism & eye vein development problems as fetus yet vision is fine but looks like I’m looking through microscope at germs if I’m out in daylight. Kind of like looking through lace curtains. Can get vision insurance through Humana for $15 a month…Can also get dental from Humana for $15 a month.

Can try getting health insurance quote from big health insurance companies in your state like Blue Cross…

I use the dental hygienists training school at the college. Can get full cleaning, flouride and full x-rays for $35. My teeth are not bad enough to even pay $15 a month for insurance since I gave up chewing even sugarless gum.

Yes I have insurance. It costs me a measly $15 per month but I live in Romania, not sure how that can help you Sleepybug :slight_smile:

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We have basic medical coverage available to all Canadians plus additional coverage through both my wife’s job and also my own (all prescription and dental plus other shtuff)…


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If you have a severe Mental Illness you need to have some form of Medical Insurance or you will go broke.

I have Medicare and a Secondary Insurance.
My Hospital Stays were very expensive.
I would be in the poorhouse if I had no Insurance.

Medicare and Medicaid is widely available to many.
I don’t know what is going to happen to those people relying on Obamacare.


It’s scary. Trump is about to be sworn in…

apparently I could not get insurance if I am mentally ill in the who knows where.

I have to pay for meds, injections, doctor visits and also hospitalization.