Do you found a med who lifted your confidence?

yeap, i find that i have zero confidence… and idk if i can count on meds for this… how was it for you?

Unfortunately meds can’t give you confidence.
They can give you stability which in turn will help with confidence.

When I got on Zeldox/Geodon I kind of felt 150% better

my pdoc was believing it in a way. that my Zyprexa can give me confidence. she was asking me often if I have it more now… I am still just jealous of my girl friends and angry inside of me. ill see if Seroquel can help this, idk… it sucks. I dont feel as a normal woman, I feel like a sick child, not a nice looking young woman :cry:

Seroxat lifts my mood help me think more positive and thus I became more confident

for the moment Seroquel reduced my anger so its good I guess. Zyprexa wasn’t doing this… I think it also calms down my racing thoughts. I felt some confidence today but its still a bit without limits, no good feelings inside for me. so i feel like a freak still too and paranoid because of this. its soo good to have positive emotions yes… I was bad in my thoughts for years, I hope this Seroquel will continue to work for me along with my efforts :slight_smile:

I think that my meds help me to sleep better and this lifts my confidence.

yeah, its important to sleep in peace. I dont sleep well on Zyprexa. I know Seroquel is more sedative which is good for me… cause in the nights,only with my Zyprexa, I was raging again my destiny or I couldn’t stop thinking that ill never do it. its a pain… I was calmer those couple of days on Seroquel. but ill monitor myself to not become too confident too wow. I have this sometimes also…

I have Zyprexa and Seroquel and I sleep well, last night 10-11 hours …

I don’t think AP’s are meant to boost your confidence. A good night’s rest could really help your confidence i think. i have trouble being confident when it’s noisy for me and my voices are being intrusive.