Do you have blurry vision from meds?

My eyes are so dry, it’s causing me fluctuations is blurriness and astigmatism.

I will see a specialist next week.

The fact that I can no longer wear contact lenses is really bothering me.

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What medication do you take? Anticholinergic effects of some medications could cause that.

I don’t experience that though.

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I just started Invega two weeks ago and at first my vision was very blurry. It’s starting to get better though. I’m sorry your eyes are so dry. I hate that so much.


Geodon 120 mg
Celexa 15 mg

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I had blurry vision from coming down from effexor xr

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My eyes are dry as a side effect of Sjogren’s syndrome, but my vision doesn’t get blurry from it. Only rarely, but then I blink a few times and my eye gets moisturized.

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I have had dry eyes for a number of years and they seem to be getting worse as I get older. I use Refresh Plus lubricant eye drops first thing in the morning and then if needed during the day/evening. They are in sterile preservative-free single-use containers. Check with your eye doctor if this is something you could try.