Blurred vision

I have blurred vision when I read and my eyes feel strange and I was told I blink a lot.

Feels like there’s something wrong with my eyes and I am afraid of going blind if I keep taking meds.

I am on latuda which has eye problem s as a side effect.

I think I will lower the dose before I meet my psychiatrist because I do not want to do damage to my eyes.

This has happened just the last week or so.

Has anyone else had eye problems as side effect of medication?

Im on invega sutenna and sometimes my eyes are blurred - when I wake up in the morning and look from the window I see blurred…

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Have you told your Dr yet?

My bf advised me not to worry and to stick to my medication n same dose as dr perscribed .

I do not want to go blind but will try not to worry.

Will tell my dr next appointment

The meds slow down our eyes re-focusing when we shift our gazes from near to far and vice versa. It’s not eye damage, just your eyes responding to changes more slowly than you’re used to. No need to panic. Please don’t change your medication dosage without talking to your doctor.


Yes, I have had blurred vision as a result of meds. Doctor prescribed a change and it cleared up.

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This makes a hell of a lot of sense…

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