Do you have a lot of free time on weekends?

well i do, too much of it. i don’t have my usual distractions during the weekend. the best i can do is i sometimes go for a hike, and i will watch a basketball game here and there on weekends.

i feel like every one is living for their days off, but i hate the weekends, because i don’t hang out with friends or do anything aside from my weekly grocery shopping.

I have made myself more occupied recently.

The gym is open now so I swim both saturday and sunday

I have to shop on a saturday

Usually I visit my nan also, but I can’t go there for two weeks because I went on a plane and she is paranoid I will give her covid

Doing quotes at the moment in between you tube and music and forum

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I sit at home and watch TV. :balloon::balloon::balloon:

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I always have free time


I shouldn’t have as much free time as I do but I’m a lazy old woman.

That sounds lonely @Lifer.

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I do. Well, still have to tend to the family, but there’s still free time.

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