Do you have a dream that you want to achieve?

I’m very ambitious. I really like to achieve things. I lose my job last month and it was like a slap in the face. I’m a graphic designer and I’m really good at it but sometimes I wonder if I should change my career. I really like makeup and beauty, I’ve been thinking of studying makeup professionally. But changing my career at this point, now that I’m turning 27 is a risk and I won’t make a lot of money for at least 2-3 years until I gain experience. I might not even find a job. I don’t even know if I’m good at it. But I used to have a lot of dreams and motivation.

Do you have a dream that you want to accomplish? What is it?


I’m trying to write jingle songs for radio and television as I like songwriting…

This is one I’m still pitching around. I thought it would make for a nice 30 second marriage proposal tv commercial. I’m looking for jewelry companies to pitch this little song/idea to.

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I wrote a fiction Novella in May and have been editing and revising it ever since. I may be ready to attempt to get it published in the next month or two…I plan on writing the prequel, then a series of sequels if all goes well…I will use the same main character and add a new sub-character in each story…my goal is to write like 10 books off this one character…if you’ve read carlos castenadas books its the same idea…those books were my biggest inspiration in my story. I too am very ambitious. I don’t have to become a writer, but like said, I’m ambitious and want to accomplish things in my life rather than living off SSDI, my parents and my menial job the rest of my life. My goals also consist of traveling the country and being out in nature for long periods of time. Learning as much as I can so I can write about it too. I’m a rising sign Capricorn with many planets in Capricorn which is where my ambition comes from I believe :smile:


hey that’s really good. love it. did you compose it?


Thanks! I wrote and recorded it with my producer buddy.

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I’m pretty happy with my job… I get to work with nature…

I picture myself living in a small simple house… one of the old duplexes in Shoreline… with the double wide lots… (Shoreline is much much cheaper to live in then Seattle… and not that far out.)

It’s just up north. I’m on the coast now… so I’d still be on the coast… I would love to have a decent sized garden. Basically I’d love to live like a hobbit… on the water… (a very very tall hobbit)

Simple house… simple life… few good friends… nice garden… plenty of time to hit the water and surf…


cool, good luck. My dream was also to become a writer when I was about 9-10 years old. I used to read everyday and write poetry. I grew out of it eventually and ever since I got my mental illness I haven’t touched a book. I don’t have patience to read. If you set your mind to something, you can achieve it. I believe in that :o)

who is singing?

Returning to an normal life experience is my ultimate goal. Quitting tobacco is a big one.

My ambitions are more about internal battles rather than worldly things.

I do have distant hopes that within a couple years I’ll have the right mindset and focus to get back into working.

If I think about all that now though it just adds up to a lot of unnecessary stress. All in due time. I can’t pursue those things quite yet.

I’d like to master the minimalist lifestyle, from there I can build up what I want. I have my own apartment, a car I own, a computer I built, my cat gonzo whose 5 yrs old(he’s becoming one of the most docile but interactive and well trained cats I’ve come to know).

If you enjoy graphic design I’d stick with it until you have a better plan(finances) for making the switch.

I used to dream, but the dreams were to big and had a hand in my psychosis. False sense of importance/superiority/entitlement feeling special and different. The schizoid type personality, even before I got sick.

Wanted to be an inventor that sit on the brink of the known and made a name for himself by pulling humanity further along every chance he could. AI, automated economy, free education through interacting with AI, eventually political activism encouraging socialization of the states.

Unrealistic ■■■■ :smile:

I’ve got white hairs coming in just from the stress of it.


My buddy is lead vocal. I sing too, but this little number I wrote was out of my range. I think he really nailed it. I’m happy with the track.

This is me singing a lullaby I wrote and recorded when my twin girls were born.

yeah you’re right. I quit smoking with a nicotine patch and gum. I used to love smoking and I did it so easily. Give nicotine patch a try. you won’t feel a thing. My goal is also to feel normal in the next few months. Then I can easily pursue my passion. I would love to have a garden, a nice small house with a cute garden. I want to adopt a few animals. I used to have a cat :o)

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wow, love that tune. super nice :o) you sound great. Good luck! If I ever have kids of my own, I’m gonna register them in music and arts for sure. It’s so important to have these skills.

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Part of it is just staying home all day. I’ve tried to leave the tobacco at home when I do go out.

Some days I don’t have any trouble just putting it out of my mind. Other days I become more focused and centered around smoking(like today). I’m almost out of tobacco so I might just try cold turkey.

The worst thing is waking up, which typically my most stressed timeframe. It’s hard to say no.

It’s good to hear a success story. I think as my life gets less stressful I’ll be able to break the habit. Once I do I won’t go back.

Cats are great.

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I’d like to re-record the baby lullaby later this year as I’ve written a bridge for it…to extend the song and make it more palatable for the listener…

And if you cry I’ll hear your call
I will be there to comfort you
For every mountain you will climb
I’ll always be right beside you

There’s no need to worry
This promise I keep
Go to sleep


awwwwww :innocent:

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I dream of almost everything, i want to achieve almost all of it.

But don’t have the time or abilities.

Go to school, sign up for almost every class and master them all. I wish to sail, fly, travel, ride horsies, master almost all musical instruments, invent, learn to build, engineering, mechanics, wood working, mountaineering, spelunking, sky diving, surfing, kayaking, astronomy, computers, farming(why the fuck not right?), herbology, biology, etc…

If there is no harm in it id like to do it and be good at it.

But i live in a flesh prison and can’t do anything.

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what is a flesh prison?

It’s a flesh prison, a prison made of flesh.

lol, do you mean you’re a human?

I means that flesh is a prison. And thats all that it ever was.

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