Do you get any auditory hallucinations from natural alpha waves (example)

  • Yes
  • No

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Use headphones preferrably

If you get voices, wait a while to see if it’s anxiety related. For me it takes a while to calm down my voices

I’ll use this as an opportunity to say I had way more hallucinations in the hospital than at home! At home I have the privacy to think. I made the decision to not get committed for life, which would mean committing a horrendous crime. It’s better to be alone no matter how bad that ever gets! And I have talked about this with my therapist. By the way, I’m getting a new therapist, and I’m very happy about it. My old one is leaving the clinic and didn’t help much and they wouldn’t let me switch ones. I hope she’s pretty, lol.

Here I thought hearing voices from appliances is weird, now water streams are potentially dangerous too

I’m just danceing to the hum of your fridge. I get visuals more than auditory but that’s because I blast music all day. Repeating sounds do start to sound like things tho. I honestly thought that was the most normal thing in symptoms. I know most people say they can hear voices in a mri for example

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