Do you get a anxious sense of dread on latuda

I had more stability on latuda and it goes generic next year but the akathisia for that drug needed its own medical name. All i felt was like someone was parting the two hemispheres of my brain while i cowered alone in bed moving my legs to stop hurting…

Seroquels working but on latuda i was quiet so much i had a working personality

I was able to work on Latuda for the year I was on it but had a bit of positive symptoms, akathisia, nausea and some insomnia due to night akathisia. I gained more weight ob Latuda vs Abilify.

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I don’t notice any side effects on Latuda except for weight gain. I take Geodon also and have a laundry list of side effects for that.

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Latuda makes me feel better than any medication I have tried. No dread or anxiety at all, no sleepiness or insomnia, nothing. It just works 100% eliminating my symptoms.

I did developed akathisia but i take 75mg of Trazodone at the same time as my 60mg of Latuda and the Trazodone completely eliminates my akathisia.


I had some anger issues when I was on Latuda, but I think that was because I was coming off Geodon and Seroquel. All the same, I would prefer being on Geodon and Seroquel. Those drugs control my symptoms without unbearable side effects.

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I find that amazing. Geodon and Seroquel are the only drugs that control my symptoms without a laundry list of side effects. I’ve heard a number of people extol the virtues of Geodon.


I take both Latuda and Seroquel. I take Cogentin for the akathisia. Works well.


I’m stable on latuda and have been about six years.

I have insomnia and I get a bit anxious right after I’ve taken my medication which is why I want to go to bed 5 pm with sleeping tablet to sleep it off.

I do have some weight gain on latuda.


I’ve had the weird anxiety from all APs except Rexulti (worked for 3-4 months then stopped) and Abilify (severe akathisia at higher doses, weird anxiety at lower doses). Trying Latuda now and am worried about it. Only time will tell. If I had to have 1 side effect and could pick it, I would probably choose weight gain but only gained a lot of weight from Zyprexa but still had the anxiety.

Yes I got anxious sometimes right after taking latuda and it sometimes was similar to a feeling of dread. If it made me anxious I would usually be up all night worried.

Yeah i had anger issues too and someone choked me after a fight i was on edge

How long did it take trazadone to work

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The first time I took Trazodone for akathisia I felt all better about an hour later.

I don’t wait for akathisia symptoms and then take Trazodone. I now take Trazodone at the exact same time as my Latuda and I’ve never had a problem with akathisia since I started doing that.

I’m taking 60mg Latuda and 75mg Trazodone

If you’re on a higher dose of Latuda you may need a higher dose of Trazodone.