Do you garden? wondering about getting a few pots to plant

I sure would like to have home grown tomatoes again…thought of maybe getting some pots to plant some tomatoes in but I doubt it would work because our summers are so hot…maybe.


Never would have thought I consider gardening but when I get motivated.

I want to start gardening.

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We like to spend a lot of money growing things for the deer and rabbits to eat so we can complain about how we spent all that $$$ on nothing.

Apparently it’s illegal to shoot the damn things in town.


I want to upcycle, baskets, food and paint cans and jars.

I saw this cool idea.


Although i want a vintage luggage for trips too.


I once couple of years ago planted tomatoes in an old aquarium it worked out wonderfully. You could water them and see how much root was getting water.

I think they would get root bound in a little pot.


@Turtle43 the pots would be massive…yes they need room.

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I am planting basil. Two of my basil plants have already died before I could plant them. It is Home Depot’s fault. I have been watering them.

Our season was a little later than yours jukebox.

My punk isn’t squirter just now starting to grow. I’m just saying my mom calls me lazy for not having a huge garden.

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