Do you find you get seriously depressed after a psychotic episode?

I really get depressed after psychosis, not so much where I have suicidal ideation but I’m still in a fog. It lasts for months. I think my psychosis is mania related so I don’t think that helps?

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Aaah yes!! After my psychotic episode I was terribly depressed due to thinking that my life with SZ is over. I thought I will be symptomatic non stop.

It was a fail in my thinking. I can have a normal life. :slight_smile:


@HyperactiveNectar I can have a normal life was well which I never thought I would… I just have to regulate the stimulations, not drink or smoke too many cigs. It’s hard to regulate if I become manic but I’m much better then I was in my 20s.

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Not the clinical kind of depression, but I do feel very guilty about becoming ill so much so I still feel guilty. My partner says there is nothing to forgive I did nothing wrong and it wasn’t my fault, but I feel bad I had those thoughts about him.

I can’t recall because my psychotic symptoms remain consistent.