A useless poll

Just killing a little time this morning. May go back to sleep for a bit.

I thought I would do something totally pointless this morning and have a completely unimportant poll.


Have you ever ignored or muted anyone on this forum?
  • Yes, I have ignored or muted multiple people
  • Yes, I have ignored or muted one person
  • No, I have never ignored or muted anyone
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It’s never too late for trying out new things :slightly_smiling_face:
I haven’t blocked / muted a fellow forum-er yet.

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I just thought of a 4th option that would’ve made this poll more entertaining.

option 4 : “I have everyone ignored. I can’t see a damn thing! Why am I here!?”

Unfortunately, I can’t add this option without resetting the poll now. :frowning:

A day late and a dollar short again :frowning: .

I also probably shouldve made it anonymous for anyone who is shy.

Well, that’s embarrassing, that I’m the only one who admits it lol!

I have no one permanently muted, and have no one muted now.

But I have temporarily muted people when they trigger me.

Nothing malicious, just self care.


Just once and it was very brief, years ago

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I’ve only almost muted one member.

They rarely come around now.

I used to think it was like my personal responsibility to keep this person away,

So I never put them on mute.

I always wanted to know when they were online so I could engage.


I still know this person is around and a trashcan,

But the whole place is kind of leaning that direction lately,

So less protective.

Long way of saying no.

I want to know what you’re all saying.

Even if I don’t like it.

Maybe especially if I don’t like it.

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na. i dont see the point in it. if they can still see me then i see no point.

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I also mute people when I think they are part of a conspiracy lol

I feel like :poop: doing it but I gotta do what I gotta do

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Which direction is that?
Do you think our Titanic has hit an iceberg? :thinking:




Is it even possible to do that and has anyone done it to me

I’m Jake btw.

And I can’t swim.



I have blocked and muted ppl in the past but it’s not really effective

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I muted you before a month or so ago when you were posting a lot. I do it to people who are posting a lot.

I wouldnt take it personal, its just a way of controlling my feed


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