Do you find it hard to smile...?

I find it hard to smile, I guess I lost my true smile due to my issues but I can laugh no problem

000 :cocktail:

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I also lost my smile but can laugh sometimes like when watching Mr Bean on FB.

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I used to find it hard, when I took Abilify, and also when I was on Invega.

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I lost my true smile, I really miss it

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is Greece still very warm?

Yes, most days we have more than 25C

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If i ever became rich Id live in a warm weather country, its 7c here today I have the fire going

You don’t need to be rich to live in Greece, cost of living is quite low tbh.
Just get a job like mine.

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Fair play 2 you for doing what your doing I admire that

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I’ve been smiling and laughing a lot more lately. Which is good because people love my smile. They tend to hate my laugh though for some reason. They usually tell me it sounds “evil”. Isn’t that awful?

My smile is usually fake unless someone makes me laugh

It’s part of the autism I think.

If someone says something I have to decide whether or what facial expression to use

Sometimes I get it wrong though

Used to have a serious problem of smiling or even laughing when people talk about very sad or upsetting things. I don’t know why this is. Is it the SZ?

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I usually only smile when I’m laughing

I have this too! Its worse without meds. Its called inappropriate emotions and it was part of the simple schizophrenia diagnosis before they grouped all sz categories together. There’s youtube videos of patients with it. I feel sadistic. My parents call me sadistic and silly. I made some threads about it in the past and I wasn’t alone.

I missed these.

I remember being at my best friends nan’s funeral, and I could not control my laughter

It was very embarrassing and I could do nothing about it. I am just glad that I was sat in a different part of the church and not many people noticed!

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I was laughing in Church and during funerals of my uncle and grandmothers. I laugh in church when the priest preaches but now I don’t go to church.

I know some people find religion helpful for sense of community and all that, but I can’t stand those places

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I smile a lot and laugh a lot

See this video.

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