Do you feel slow mentally since sz?

I feel slow mentally since having sz. What to do?


I felt slower at making conversation on risperidone. My mood usually wasn’t great also on risperidone. And it made me a touch restless. My cognition is probably not at its best when I am paranoid.

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How is Clozapine? Are you now only on Clozapine?

Yes I am taking clozapine 200mg and docusate 100mg. I got paranoid and scared a couple nights so far but otherwise I can think clearly. Not sure if I will increase to 300mg. I haven’t been on it very long maybe it can improve in efficacy some yet. Risperidone was the best for my voice though I never heard a voice after being on risperidone a couple months. I am working 16 hours a week as a cashier. I sleep a little extra, often 12 hrs, which is a small annoyance. I’m not sure if I’m still gaining weight from it my gut is a smidge larger.

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Did you gain more weight on risperidone or clozapine?

I think I was a smidge heavier on risperidone. I thought I was close to 150 on risperidone and think I am up to 142 I don’t have a scale to check.

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Thanks @ExploringWalker

I felt slow when i was on risperidone and invega injection, on abilify,lurasidone high dose, i felt a little slower but not as bad as when I was on risperidone or invega. When I was off medicine, I felt normal and had a great memory, the antipsychotics did make my cognition worse

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Yes, I feel slower at conversations and in general.

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The minute I started on Risperdal Consta injections I was playing piano at a much slower tempo and struggling with every measure. I was doing great on Risperdal pills.


Yea i feel like im slow in general idk why lol

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Yes, definitely. I don’t think it’s meds, I started to slow down before I got on them, I think it’s cognitive symptoms

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Somewhat the same pre-sz/autism other than side effects and weight gain.

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I went off meds completely even the other two meds i was on for stress. I feel alot better. Antipsychotics damage the cortex… damaged cortex can cause problems with impulse control and decision making…two problems that are way way more serious now then they have ever been. Yet i remember you said you were violent so i hope the best for you!

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No. It’s something I used to obsess over, but that I have stopped worrying about:


The crazy guy walked away from the class with the highest mark. Again.

This machine eats neurotypicals.



Yes, I feel slow too, I take time to do any task.
What I do is, do it as perfectly as possible.
I think of quality more than quantity.

When I learn something new I take it slow.
As it takes time, these information stays.
While applying it I can recollect it too.

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■■■■■■■ awesome. That must feel amazing. You busted your ass - you deserve it.

What was the exam about?

Did you ever get off the injection and back on the pills?

Congrats dude!! :open_mouth::heart: