Do you feel like you try to hard to live up to your parents expectations?

I had an argument with my mother this morning. I’m 30 for goods sake why does she need to give her opinion on everything.

Highly recommended (and not just by me):

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she is your mum, my mum is still an authority figure in my eyes despite her disabilities

my dad was the boss but i always cared for my mum and helped her out like my dad did, but now my dad is in Gone my mum has moved up the pecking order but the pecking order in our family was Dad, Mum, sister, now it sister, mum but my friend sweep is in there above my mum, nephews are easy to see a pecking order like there are 3 and its like the youngest is actually more mature than his big brother but thats just bc he has slight brain damage, he is still doing well though, the youngest just signed to a pro football club and is a goal keeper and he acts a lot older than he should. sorry if i have gone off topic.

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Try not to listen to her. No matter how persistant she is, as long as you won’t listent to her, she’s not a problem. I guess you have some benefits of listening to her if you do. It’s not her faults. Just say “Ah ok” “Oh yeah?” when she gives you any opinions, and do what you think is right. Again, she’s not a problem.

Do you live with her?

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I know. But I find her very controlling. Mentally she gets to me. For instance if I want to date. Better not be black white or Muslim. So I’m looking for Indian men. But better not be over 35. It really frustrates me. No wonder why I am not married yet

Yeah I do live with her

Can you start living on your own?

i thought people from India liked to arrange marriages or something lol

Need the money unfortunately.

Ah I see…
That sounds a tough situation.

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no I don’t…you are yourself…your 30? shite out! I’m 45 and live with my parents. They are champions but I can’t act like I’m a teenager. I pay to live here and contribute to my living…meanwhile I can carry on as much as I can so that is a win!

I’m schizophrenic. My parents are uber cool with that…but I’m on a disability pension…My options are limited…yeah I’d like to be independent like when I had a job but that just isn’t doable… meanwhile I bite my tongue and live like a king!

Charlie Sheen…I’m winning!

A friend in the struggle,



Thankfully I only need to deal with one parent, my mother, and she needs more support from me than I need from her when it comes to pscyhe & emotion…

Never had any parental instructions growing up really, besides not to be violent or behave too extrovertedly.

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Same here @anon80629714. My mom helps me a bit financially (well, her husband actually) and she stays with my kid sometimes so i don’t have a lot of room to complain.
But we are two different worlds. She is just so perfect and organized and normalized that i can’t keep up with that even if i tried.

Anyway, from her point i screwed up a long ago.

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aren’t there some sites that you look into indian men only? I’m sure there are plenty. The age thing kinda is meaningless though, you could meet anyone at any age, why is your mom worried about age?!


Yeah but this is the 21st century. Lol

I gave up trying to do that many years ago. It was a lost cause even then.

I’m sorry @anon80629714

I’m 30… I’m fairly independent… my Mom is on my side and has advocated pretty fiercely for me as I got pulled through the health system…

I have a girlfriend… I have my own place that I split with my sister… I have a job… I’m in school part time…

And my Mom STILL gives advice and tries to push a bit. I used to take it pretty hard… but I guess it’s just what Mom’s do. One thing that does help is not living with my Mom.

LOVE my Mom… thankful I have her as a Mom… don’t want to live with her again… I think me moving out really helped our friendship.

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It may be a cultural thing. My impression is that parents in your culture are a little stricter and more conservative than in other places like the U.S. Maybe even a little bit more controlling.

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You’re 30 years old. You need to move out of your parent’s house. That’s not healthy for anyone to be still living with their parents at that age.

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My parents have no expectations for me. They just want me to be happy.

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