Do you feel like people are testing you?

Hi All,

I have a hypothesis. Something that I’ve noticed that happens when I have an episode is that it is like people distrust me and are testing me to see what I will do (perhaps subconsciously), and this exacerbates my paranoia (or really kicks it off actually).

I’ve also noticed that when I have an episode, animals pee on my clothes (a possible symptom of distrust?)

Also, the following article indicates that oxytocin eases the symptoms of schizophrenia:
[New Scientist Article - Google it; cannot post link]

Oxytocin is a pheromone that increases trust between two people.

And this article talks of another chemical (perhaps a pheromone) called MHA that is present in higher levels in people with schizophrenia:

One hypothesis is that this (or another pheromone being exuded) is like anti-oxytocin, and creates distrust, hence the testing.

Does anyone else feel like people are testing them when they’re having an episode?

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I certainly feel like people are put off by it, Maybe a little distrustful of me in that state

I know that my surgeon was testing my patience. After I had a cyst removed my chest, we had a followup visit. She left me sitting in an empty room for 45 minutes while she was on her computer right across the hall.

There’s a back story to that, but basically she was seeing if I would go off like a rocket. But I kept my cool, and we got along fine after that

That’s really interesting if there were an anti pheromone that causes distrust, just like oxytocin but opposite. That would make a lot of sense

I know that trick, and it goes for every schizophrenic already in the hospital system, its to test and see if you have symptoms. You got to be used to it, that is our life since diagnose.

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