Is this paranoia?

I’m having a hard time understanding paranoia. Let me start with an example. At my new job a couple weeks ago I put a shirt away that had “I am not a human being” all over it. (Why would you want that shirt? Also I work at goodwill). Instantly I felt triggered. I hadn’t thought about this ina couple months but I’m not a person anymore. Since January I have felt i am an alien. So this was a sign to me.
The other day a coworker bumped into me a few times and said “does it feel like you’re being followed?” I just smirked a bit but I was anxious about it for a couple hours. Why is he following me? Sometimes the government seems to be following me. But I’m not always super anxious about it, only after a triggering event like these. Or on days where weird things keep happening.
Yes I am on seroquel.
Has anyone seen maniac?
Theres a line by a schizophrenic character where he tells a talking computer “I cant tell if this is real anymore” that’s how I feel all the time.

You might have read the shirt wrong. I hallucinate wrong words all the time and I can’t imagine anyone printing that on a shirt. You can combat paranoia by asking yourself “Does this fear or disturbance make common sense?” Unless you are an active spy, the government is not following you. However, if you are of an enemy nationality, they could be now a days.

I’m pretty sure I read it right, I looked several times and I rarely hallucinate though it’s possible. I can recognize that many of my paranoid things dont make much sense from the outside but the thoughts remain and bother me

Yeah, it breaks down to the old fear of love. Don’t be nice to yourself because someone will come along and hurt you when you care.

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How is that related exactly…? I have a girlfriend and am in love and such

It was a reference to self love.

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Oh I see went way above me lol

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It’s time to talk to your pdoc. I’ve been there.

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