Do you feel guilty when you eat?

After you eat do you feel the need to burn it off through exercise, or maybe feel like you need to eat less for the remainder of the day?

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I saw your thread on what you ate during the day, you really should eat more. Chicken tenders aren’t enough! Maybe add unlimited vegetables to the mix?

The only vegetable I like is green beans. If I liked more vegetables I would probably eat them more than anything else since most of them are very healthy. I’ve been a very picky eater since I was a child

Only when I eat like a pig :slight_smile:

I’m a picky eater too @redanne.
Plus I have a food phobia.

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As much as I know it sucks to be picky, I’m glad I’m not the only adult who is. Many people see it as childish.

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I feel guilty for not calorie counting everytime I eat.

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I’m planning on buying stuff to make hot fudge sundaes today, then I’m going to feel guilty. Sometimes I over eat and then throw up because I feel guilty and I don’t want that many calories. But I keep that at a minimum because as I understand it that’s an eating disorder and I don’t need any other disorders. It’s really tempting though.

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Dude probably cause you don’t like raw uncooked vegetables. No one likes those haha Im not talking about celery with dipping sauce…Vegetables are amazing if you make them the make them the right way. I’m talking roasted vegetables: potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, carrots, with a bit of oil, salt and pepper, lemon, cut up Brussel sprouts, onions, balsamic vinegar, broccoli and some club house seasoning. Cut them suckers up and throw em on a tray in the oven on a tray for 30-40 minutes at 400 degrees and your good. I lost a lot of weight on that.

You could even do two trays at once and save time, and cut up a couple pieces of steak in there if you want.


You could also do vegetarian chili; chicken wraps with hummus, or something as simple as a bag of mixed vegetables (get the good ones) and rice with a bit of natural peanut butter (think Thai food)


Those are just some random pictures but you can make it way better than that

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:smile: I don’t eat them raw, I just don’t like them. I’ve tried those cooked, I’m just really picky. People say that to me all the time whenever I say I don’t like vegetables. They are always like, “well, have you had them cooked?” Thank you for the suggestions though.

:expressionless: Loool! True 57757884

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Yeah, I have a calorie counting app. It’s a really good app, it keeps track of water, sodium, carbs, stuff like that. I try to put in everything I eat or drink so I know I’m not eating too many carbs or too much fat and stuff.

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If I eat unhealthy foods for 2 or more days in a row then I will feel guilty because of the effects on my cardiovascular health. However, most of the time I eat healthy foods daily. Humans need to eat carbohydrates, protein and fats in order to replenish, heal and maintain the body.

Once a week or once a month I indulge myself with a sweet treat or unhealthy food because it’s just too difficult to eat healthy foods all the time.


No I don’t like exercise very much, especially if I am too full.

I don’t exercise, but I do feel guilt if I’ve had unhealthy foods.
I feel like because I’m overweight, everyone is judging me for how I eat, and thinking “That’s the reason she’s overweight”

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That’s exactly how I used to feel whenever I was overweight. I’m not overweight anymore, but I still feel that way sometimes. Like people are judging me for eating unhealthily.

I have a friend who, if he sees proof that I’m eating unhealthy things at home, or if I say yes to unhealthy things he offers me, goes “So much for that weightloss, huh?”
And it bugs the shite out of me.

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That sounds awful. Does he realize how much it bothers you? If someone in my life said that to me every time I ate something unhealthy I would feel so bad about myself. He shouldn’t say stuff like that.

No, I don’t feel guilty when I eat, thank gosh.

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