Do you ever think life will be the same again?

It’s plain to see that many of us is suffering in colossal extremities, with covid, poverty, hurricanes, fires, unemployment, food shortage…
I remember the ‘good old days’ ---- when life was fun and I didn’t struggle like I do today…
So, I ask you - are we approaching un ending turmoil, or will human life bounce back to normal again?

Well I bet back in world war 1 and 2 people had a similar viewpoint on the world being bad. But things got good again.
So keep the hope that things can get better


IDK, there’s usually trouble in some part of the world at any given time.

There’s always war and unrest in some part of the world. If you look just at the U.S, we had Korea and Vietnam clouding the picture.

The contrary is true too though. We had the prosperity of the nineties under Clinton etc.

Life before schizophrenia was fun when I was growing up and I had no responsibilities and it seemed like life was easy and me and my friends smoked a lot of pot and went fun places like the beach or the mountains. It was fun a lot of the time but I was not happy a lot of the time too.

My high school years I could give a million examples of things we did that were fun but as a teen I was horribly shy, unattractive, didn’t talk much and didn’t feel that good about myself. And it didn’t help that my best friends did good with woman and had girlfriends and had girls telling them they were cute and even throwing themselves at them. In the meantime I couldn’t even say hi to a girl.

Life is pretty messed up, but we’re all here, so make the best of it if you can!

I can bear the covid drama. I can not bear all my issues that get me down

idk man all these things -its been written ;except for the date ofcourse

i suppose you just gotta stay true to yourself, make the most of any situation and hope for the best. Life is never about the problems that happen to you but rather how you adapt to change which defines you and where your at in life.

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When were the good ol days? In the last 100 years just in america, it’s been war, flu pandemic, depression, war, red scare, racial inequality, war, drug epidemics, cold war, fuel crisis, mass serial killers, now it’s never ending wars, school shootings, a new pandemic, opioid problems, drug wars, election turmoil. It’s never been cheeky when you’re young you’re not as aware of all the shite that goes on.

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Prosperit of the nineties.

Russia, Ukraine, Poland and probably the rest of Eastern Europe all view the ninties period as age of strife, with rapists, slavers and common bandits ruling the streets. Some cannibals and maniacs someplaces too, up to early 2000s.

Unless you were a successful piece of ■■■■ criminal yourself.

It is always hell.somewhere. Sure it will get better sometime. But that might be after you are raped and dead.