I believe things get worse in the future never better

Theres no much negative energy in the world, nothing gets better, i have to face reality, things will get worse in the future. Nothing gets better thats the truth we have to face. its sad but its true.

If you do the right things for your mental health things can get really fun.

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yea, things are not as fun as it used to be with my mental illness. I suffer too much. sometimes i wish im not alive.

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I hear ya. 1515

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Some things get better. Other things get worse. Some things stay the same.


i guess, i live in reality.

So do I most of the time. If you live in reality than you know that saying “nothing” gets better is inaccurate.

Now if you want to say that nothing gets better personally for you I could understand but I would still argue that “nothing” is a strong word.

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I agree with that sometimes.

Things in the world may be getting worse but things in your life definitely can get better

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Technological advances have been made so quickly that it’s hard to keep track of them… Medical advances continue to be made too. My dentist has his own small practice and he has new equipment that has just come out. Those are measurable examples of things getting better.

There were probably people in the 1950’s who thought nothing gets better. There were people back then who just thought having schizophrenia meant either staying in institutions for the rest of your life or having your family stick you in a back bedroom and take care of you for the rest of your life without you ever leaving the house.

Then in the 1950’s it was discovered that certain drugs could help schizophrenics recover enough to live outside the hospitals. No one could have predicted that. That was a huge change. Even in our time, the second generation drugs were developed. Two important discoveries that changed schizophrenics prognosis for the better.

Hell, in my own case I was so sick in the beginning of my disease I never even dreamed I would ever get better, let alone work or go to school again. But here it is 40 years later and I’m looking back on being almost steadily employed since 1983. I have a nice car and a few other amenities. Things got better.

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Big crisis incoming. The fed printed 3 trillion dollars since covid. And after that climate change is going to ■■■■ us. Brace yourselves and make sure your stable in your shoes

I’ve been watching things get better for fifty years. People often have the perception that their lives are worse when the opposite is true.

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