Do you ever laugh?

I feel like I can’t laugh anymore with this illness. It really sucks because I used to laugh a lot.


yes, if I’m around people.

If I’m just watching a “funny” show or movie by myself I don’t, which I think I used to…

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Best laugh I ever had was listening to Bill Cosby’s skit on going to the dentist…that was years ago before becoming psychotic.

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I lost the ability to laugh as a child. When something is funny, I typically just smile.

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This is in part of my story and quite big way yes

In the early days I didn’t even smile
Then I was in a kind of abusive relationship and I lost my sense of humour completely I didn’t say anything funny or register anything funny it was all very serious

As i’ve had a long remission now im feeling quite full of sense of humour at times


I don’t laugh as much as I used to. My Depression has reared its ugly head again at the moment so I really don’t find anything funny.

Excess of sorrow laughs. William Blake.

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i laugh with movies… sometimes at moments when i shouldn’t…

Yes i do but cannot cry on meds anymore.

Laughing to myself is a problem still

I laugh less than I used to, but I still laugh


I laugh more than I used to.


I don’t laugh very much. The thing that makes me laugh the most is ‘Family guy’.


Yeah, that sucks. I do not laugh as much. That also sucks.

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I had many years where I was unable to laugh.ever.

Now I laugh but not often.

I don’t laugh once a month even I reckon.

I don’t find most comedies funny.

I would love to laugh more often.

When I laugh it’s not a huge laugh where you can’t stop.

I have started smiling a lot last few years but not laughing.
I just don’t find most things funny.

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I watched Mr. Bean on YouTube and laughed so loud a baby next door started crying. He’s a good hearted idiot who acts totally inappropriately, a British comedy. I think I am a lot like him, lol.


I have the same issue.
I don’t laugh at things I used to laugh at.

I even force a laugh sometimes.

I’m not sure what it means but to be honest it’s probably a sign of something.

I rarely laugh out loud but I do my quiet laugh a lot. I also am unable to fake laugh at something I wish I could do that in conversation.

I have been told I smirk, does that count?

I laugh hysterically sometimes
for no reason