Do You Ever Have To Scream?

Do you ever feel that scream perched just under your throat?

Have you ever been angry?
So made that you just had to scream.

I feel like that a lot.

But there are neighbors, and it’s late.
Never really a good time to scream.

Plus if I start screaming I just know I will never ever stop screaming and I will just be a guy that screams constantly forever.

Is that an unusual thought?
Screaming forever.

I never thought as my thoughts as unusual or unusual.
I’ve been the crazy one long before I was diagnosed.

All my thoughts are unusual.

I’m crazy

I used to scream when the spooks were in my house, but no one cared.
Now I just yell…a lot.
My neighbors hate me.

I don’t think so

My neighbors hate me too.

If I start screaming I’d never stop.

I’d turn into a head that’s always screaming

I had a very large knife in both hands, backed into a corner in the kitchen, screaming for them to get away from me- repeatedly.
I saw the neighbors from my window look out their window towards me, then all the lights turned off and the neighborhood remained eerily quiet for the next 8 hours until dawn.
No police were ever called nor came to my house to check it out.
They all went to bed and had a good nights sleep.
I didn’t.

This what you mean?

I’m angry a lot too. I brood though. I don’t scream. My anger comes out in all these passive aggressive ways.

I sometimes scream into pillows, it’s okay. I have a condition. Corey Taylor of Slipknot says his job is scream therapy. I need to go to a retreat where all the patients do is release anger and not drink. That would be nice. I often workout until I can’t, like leg press until I can’t walk normally. I like when I work arms so hard that I can’t even play with myself.

Screaming is fine, just do it in a pillow. I want to scream right now but releasing anger sometimes makes me tired for like an hour and then recharge. I have class in three hours. Hmm

All the molecules accelerate and heat up deep from the inside… and as they release their energy… this sound comes from within…

I think we’ve all had to scream.

There are a few people who make me want to scream right now…

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I had a therapist who told me to scream into my pillow - it worked pretty well!

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