Ever feel the need to just SCREAM

ever feel the need to just f*****g scream or yell

i often do, but i live in an apartment so it’s not an option

Roll around on the floor until you’re tired.

my neighbours below me would think i was engaged in some weird sex game


Is that bad? Can you scream into a pillow?


i do sometimes

but you can’t beat a good scream out loud?

too much bad energy inside, how to let it out

edit: i say scream i mean a kind of yeeeeeellllllllllllllllll “fffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkk”

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I’m too old now. I can’t yell or scream without getting a headache. Do you have a car? I sing in the car, which is similar to screaming.
There was a Harvard study that concvluded there are actual physical benefits/ stress relieving benefits to cuss words. I never used to cuss, but it’s for my health, so…


i don’t drive hedgehog

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Cuss like a sailor

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I get it. Neither does my son. Just one option… :blush:

i don’t like cussing but you f***g have to or else you’re in the st

sorry just joking

i don’t like cussing, but it can be important if you want to be assertive, depends who you’re cussing to

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my uncle was in the marines, he had some peachy cussing

i’m reminded of a song

"if i thought i’d get results,
i’'d talk a whole lot nicer

but people always respect
uzi 9 millimetre"

just an old joke, ignore it :slight_smile:

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i scream because lobster


There is a movie called the lobster. It’s a dystopian future where all people think couples are superior to single people. All single people are put into a house together and must find someone. If they can’t find a mate they are turned into a lobster.

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Right now kinda. Life seems too long. I wish I could just screeeeam to let out some loose energy


Go for a drive and let it out

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Done and done. Feel a little bit better.

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i do that every now and then, feels great :smile:


Stand in the corner and scream with me!!