Do you ever experience this type of thing

Do you ever hear robotic voices in your head? Do you ever have names called in your head like I love you Kelly, go to sleep Bridget etc and you don’t know who these people are. Do your thoughts ever tell you things that arent true and you know they arent like I feel like bugs are crawling on me when you dont actually have that sensation. So you dont know why you thought that?

Yes, I get voices a lot. I don’t believe them when they tell me things that aren’t true, and that’s a big difference between how I am now and how I used to be. I treat it mostly like just noise these days. Sometimes they call my name, they’ll tell me something’s happening or true that isn’t, or they might make observations. The most annoying one is a voice of a guy who is scared and begging me to go back inside the house because he’s scared of being outside. This happens sometimes when I step outside during a cigarette. The instinct is to get angry at it and argue that nobody has the right to tell me not to leave my own house, but instead I have to just calmly remind myself that there’s not a real person screwing with me, and I pretend the voice isn’t happening.

It tends to stay away if I’m around people and actively talking, or if I’m in a less stressful situation or place.

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