Do you consider a paychiatrist arrogant when he says that we have no insight

They say this so many times, they claim we have no insight because we don’t agree with their theory on our illness. Psychiatrists are full of ■■■■.

Lack of insight exists with many psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia. I did not have insight into my delusions for years, so it does happen. You seem to be upset with, maybe with your psychiatrist for something that happened?
I don’t know the circumstances

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I just don’t like my psychiatrist as he does not respect me as he thinks I talk stupid as I talk crazy stuff about spiritual experiences I have. He has no idea, no idea at all about my schizophrenia but yet he still says I have no insight. And why is that, because I don’t agree with him.

They say we have no insight because we don’t agree with their take on our illness.

Yeah some psychiatrists are not as sympathetic


I had a recent incident where a new doc thought my kid sis was full of it due to the fact that she’s not SZ.

He really treated her like she knew nothing and didn’t listen to a thing she said. When he looked at her and said, “I know you can’t begin to understand what your brother is going through.”

That was what I considered arrogance.

True my kid sis is NOT Sz, but she’s been by my side since the day she was born. She knows what I go through.


I think ‘lack of insight’ is a very contentious phrase. Whereas there are some people who don’t realise they have a problem i think it can also be used subjectively to describe people who, whilst agreeing they have a problem, disagree with the psychiatrist’s approach.
In my time i have been described as having good and poor insight.

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i have a good shrink ( at the moment ) , but in any profession you have idiots, accountants, bankers etc…
go get a new shrink that is what i would do, if you can.
take care
p.s i edited and added this as our perception of a wrong against us can be an illusion because we are sz, where in reality it is just a helping hand.
all things are best looked at with a calm mind.


You could ask him what he meant by the comment. Insight is a medical term but he uses it all the time. He probably is full of hot air but you need to stretch yourself sometimes and call him on it. Be polite and ask him. If he blows it off let him know you were put off by it.

two cents given.

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I do remember something obvious to get out dunno what insight is t sounds like that I obviously do don’t even remember the example if that applies 2

Did you ever try any alternative healing method beside western medicine?
You have to look into different alternatives.
I know this is not an easy decision, but not even a difficult one. You have to consider weather the treatment what you doing is working or not.

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As the original poster asks, do you consider a psychiatrist an arrogant prick when they claim we have no insight because we don’t agree with their theory on our illness.

Just today, my psychiatrist tried getting me to believe that excessive dopamine makes me read into things too much, that somehow too much dopamine makes me become all paranoid and extra sensitive to things. ■■■■■■■■.

I have been underwhelmed by many psychiatrists. They’ve tried to tell me why I did something when that was not the reason at all. I think a few of them have a God complex. They think they’re practically omniscient.

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I agree with you crimby.

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There is a psychological phenomenon called “transference” that occurs in therapy. In it a subject transfers his feelings about people who are issues to him onto the therapist. There were times in therapy when I was starting to transfer my feelings about my dad onto my therapist, by I resisted that transference because I thought it wouldn’t be fair to the pdoc. Many pdoc’s operate on the theory that the subject is supposed to regurgitate his bottled up emotions onto a passive therapist. The therapist does very little in therapy other than listen. That theory can lead to a situation where the subject feels like he is talking to a fence post. There are other models for psychotherapy. Maybe the reason I have so little respect for pdoc’s is because I had so little respect for my dad.