St. John's day, the midsummer

Are you going to do anything special on St John’ day? My second name is Juhani, in English John and so it is my name day. It is also the name day of my father and my cousin.

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No i don’t celebrate anything, whats there to celebrate?

Why do they have a day for one they hate so very much?

John actually exhibited schizophrenia symptoms, his entire book of revelation was a hallucination he had.


I posted this three years ago, still celebrating this day alone, although one person tried to make me to go to a bar with him, he would have paid drinks, but I declined and I rather stay alone as I have always been. I am going to cook some new potatoes, I like to listen to this Russian song … we learned to sing this in our Russian classes when I was a young teenager.

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This Finnish song ‘Rafaelin Enkeli’ makes me to remember one very beautiful young woman Sini who died many years ago, she did sing this very beautifully, but things happened, at first his father shot himself and then after six months Sini (21) died to meds and alcohol, she was depressed and had got some treatment, that was very sad.

Sini was a beautiful 21-year old woman as I have written in 2017, too bad she died when she was young, it has been nine years since I posted this originally.

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