Do you care about or not care about

The state of the world when you are dead (considering you don’t have children)?

And why


I kind of care, but it’s like just a place you grew up in. Like, do you care about the state of your elementary school? You might look back at it and have a few emotional moments (if you had the ability to in the next place,) but you’re totally not going to be “stuck” here if you don’t want to be.

I must not care about having a child. Because my medication interrupts pregnancy in the womb.

So it’s sucks yo

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This is a great question.

I like to pretend (to myself) that I care about future generations and the state of the planet after I die, but my actions tell a different story.

I use plastic bags at the supermarket, even though reputable scientists say that there is more plastic in the oceans than fish. I can afford to buy canvass bags, but, as I said, I use plastic, so if I’m being honest, I care more about my convenience than fish dying from plastic. Isn’t that a horrible thing to say? It is.

So I care, but I don’t care enough.

I often have forgotten to bring my cloth bags although I have them. It’s like my mind is so cluttered that I’m not thinking straight. :persevere:

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Do you mind me asking what makes you kind of care?

Sorry to hear that. Sometimes I’m also slightly sad about not having a mini me in the world. But overall it is for the best

Like, if I didn’t have kids, I would still be interested in my relatives’ kids. Just as a kind of guardian of sorts. Like I’d pop in and assess their lives once in a while and see if they need any extra help.

Hopefully there’s less schizophrenics, as in people won’t have to suffer,and the world all around is a better place, seems like in certain ways it has improved, less massive wars and such

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Yea my therapist tells me there’s much more good happening in the world than bad.
It made me feel good to hear that. Hopefully it stays that way. But idk.

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Aw you’ll be they’re guardian angel. That’s really sweet :slight_smile:


I lost my kid. Can’t have anymore and don’t want anymore.

I don’t have children but I do care.:open_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I care because I love the world and people and plants and animals and water etc and want them to be happy and healthy and well.

I am vegan for the animals and mostly buy second hand and use environmentally friendly bags etc

I don’t do enough perhaps but something is something and that matters too.

I don’t know if I will vote for animal justice party or liberal party probably animal justice party locally and sco mo non locally.

I voted for greens last time but apparently they do a few things that are not so good so may change my vote next time to sco mo and animal justice party.greens can go third place.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Well, I wish it good luck and hope everything works out OK after I’m dead but it can get along without me and to he honest, What has it really done for me lately? Screw it world, you’re on your own.

Not at all. I have a son and he’ll live out his life like millions before him, through whatever happens.

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