Do you buy new or used clothes

I got my 1930, 40’s kitchen table from one I LOVE it :smiley: I googled the company that made it, they make coffins now. Guess in the end I could send it back and have it refitted for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Before my wife got ill, and especially in the early days of being together, we would go to jumbles and boot sales. Sometimes my wife would pick out clothes for me.
By myself I am not a good judge of what will fit or not fit so don’t look for used clothes.

I am not good when it comes to clothes and knowing what to buy. If I had the money I’d have a personal dresser to deal with such things.

Yes. 15 characters.

I have an antique brooks leather motorcycle jacket with natural cracking and speciailzed leather patina, you would love it bro!

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It’s been put to use by baby boomer in the 60s

I buy used jeans all the time. Only cost me $3 a pair.

I love love love thrift shops!

But I do also buy new clothes online.

both! :slight_smile: I dont have a real taste to life anymore, a real taste to fashion but I still enjoy having new clothes. its my mom who is buyint them for me sometimes, I am gratefull for that… and I buy second hand because I dont work for the moment and I dont want to be a burden for my poor mom. I became a bad person with this illness per moments…

I like jeans but none of my jeans fit me(well maybe one pair which I haven’t tried for ages) I know before I put on all this weight I was a 34".

Sometimes there are good DVD videos at flea markets. These cost 0.5 to 1 euro,I got one today, it was one euro, so not much, the film was Oliver Stone’s Savior and it shows how bad the war in the former Yugoslav was in the 1990s.

I buy new clothes because used cloths are all ready worn out and smell like rat ■■■■ no matter how many times you wash them. I’m not really into pre sweat stained shirts either. Not that I can afford new clothes or anything crazy like that.

Uses to buy both used and new. Bought velvet blazers at goodwill but heard buying antiques or used things are not good because they can bring bad luck. I like shopping at outlet stores like last call neiman marcus and off Saks fifth. Find good quality designer labels for discounted prices.

Princess Pixel is annoyed because we took her clothes shopping at some thrift shops. Yeah, she got some new clothes, but she also got some jeans and jackets that were used and in darn good shape for pennies on the dollar.

We stopped at a store called Hot Topic where you can buy fan apparel for various TV shows, movies, etc. Princess was surprised when I didn’t pull out my debit card to pay for her t-shirts she had picked out. Told her it would be a cold day in hell before I paid someone to advertise their product for them. If she wants to spend her $$$ to advertise her herd affiliation, that’s her business, but my job as a parent is only to supply essentials. Expensive Fall Out Boy tees don’t fall under that category.

Princess eventually selected one ‘Hunter In Training’ tee for the TV show Supernatural (she has a crush on Dean) and put the other three back. Paid for it out of her earnings.


Me too :heart_eyes:

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I buy mostly used clothes. One difference I’ve noticed between me and the other apartment residents in our program is that they are willing to pay retail prices for clothes. Something almost has to be on sale at the thrift store before I’ll buy it. I’m always on the lookout for a good pair of shoes. The best way to do that for me is to find a solid pair of brand name shoes in the thrift store. The pair I have now are Nike’s, and they have lasted a year and some odd months. They’re still going strong. They cost me $20.00. That’s better than buying cheap shoes retail. Those shoes don’t last.

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Mostly second hand i think.

I do not want to buy underpants second hand though probably not bras either and would be cautious about buying shoes.
My mum bought shoes second hand and scrubbed them clean.
She went to a hippie festival and became vegan too.

Ive bought some absolutely lovely n gorgeous clothes second hand.

Sometimes ive noticed tears and stains after ive worn them a while because i did not examine them enough before buying them.

I have a sewing machine but golly knows i cant sew clothes.
I might be able to take up pants but i could not follow patterns.
I have patterns at home but they confuse me. Even the simple ones.
I will not attempt it.

I met a woman who designed n sewed her own clothes n she was so bold n creative n ive seen some beautiful stuff.

My x boyfriend i had that was on disability pension could sew really well i think.

He sewed and designed and sewed and made his own bed with leather and a mirror.
He had a really old machine that was tough n could sew leather etc.

I buy my underpants new and i prefer to spend money on good quality.
I buy bamboo undies.
Theres something called “bridget undies” . They are so comfortable.
Its said to be sustainable and is nice to wear.
Not sure if i will get sexy stuff one day.
Im not sure if i see why.
If i did meet some one too. they just come off. i dont understand . perhaps i just havnt understood the deal about it .
I bought and owned a playboy bra once that was best fit i ever had because i had just bought cheap ones or been given as gift so they did not really fit very well.

Im happy we have second hand shops.
mostly volunteers working there.
here anyway.

I love buying used and new clothes alike, but I tend to go more towards used clothing.

I frequent a Catholic thrift store and they tend to carry lots of designer clothing and at very cheap prices.

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I have never bought used clothes… But I have worn my friend’s clothes in the past as give and take.

Almost all of my clothes have been used clothes or shoes, saves a lot of money not to buy any new clothes.

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