Do you believe dinosurs roamed the earth before

Yes I do. And Adam and Eve were cave men.

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i never seen a dinosaur have sex

now theres a first

How many baby dinosuars would they have?

and did any sz run in the dinosurs?

I’ll let you know when I get the DeLorean running again. Trying to find a flux capacitor on eBay but keep getting outbid.


Yes I believe that dinosaurs existed, but it doesn’t bother me if someone else doesn’t, believe what ever you want, we all got limited time on this floating space rock anyway :earth_americas: :milky_way::rocket:


I do believe they existed.
I should say, it’s a fact.

I think we’ve had our fun with with this thread @pedro27 . Science is different from consiracy theories simply because it’s fact. I don’t want to get political or religious but there’s bones in this here Earth and you know what your doing. Please don’t troll the forums.