Do you any of enjoy being manic?

Sometimes I enjoy being manic, gives me more confidence, I laugh at everything. Similar to being drunk I suppose, never been a drinker. Just glad I’m recovering

I hate being manic. I spend too much money. I do embarrassing things. I get in car wrecks. I get into arguments. I sleep around and get STDs. No, it’s not fun.


Never had it. I wish I had hypomania. I liked it. Being productive and having no drawbacks is nice.

Mania has destroyed a lot of my life

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I have never been manic either but I think I would enjoy it. Would beat feeling like ■■■■ every day.

I hate my manic state. I start coming up with stupid grandiose schemes that just take away focus from my existing dreams.

I miss the energy. I don’t miss the psychotic content.

I don’t like being manic, feel like it ruined my life.

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