Do y'all have a reason for living?

My reason wavers but if I have a reason it is to be a Bahai. It has given my life meaning more than any other influence in my life.


I once thought I was Bahai. Maybe I am. Religion is a big influence on my life too.

I don’t need one. I was born and I’m here and everything after that is a bonus and I’m going to stay here.


I live out of spite. Lol, just kidding. I live because life can be fairly interesting and I wanna keep adding to my experiences here.

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I struggle with this sometimes, but I’ve been very depressed and suicidal before and things got better and I was happy for awhile, so I believe there’s a chance they could improve again.


Yeah I want to contribute something to the world. That and I have my loved ones who would be devastated to lose me.

  1. Games 2. The future may take an unexpected good turn 3. I might get better and rejoin society
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My family gives me a reason. I have 6 children, 3 grandkids, and a lovely husband.


I thought this through very carefully. At first my answer was my computer, my car, and my apartment. But if I lost them, I would still have a life. There had to be something more important. I thought of friends and family. I thought of interesting things to do. Finally I found an answer I am happy with: it is Providence, which is defined as divine guidance or care. Sometimes I can perceive this. It is something I believe in. In other words, “God.”

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I just think the world is a beautiful place with a lot to offer, and I want to exist in it as long as humanly possible.

Also, I can’t wait to see what the future holds, with new technology and medicine and transportation, it’s going to make the age we’re in now look like the 1920’s!

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I used to ask that question of myself all the time. After I found the right medication, stopped drinking alcohol and overcame my depression, I felt so much better I stopped asking. Keep pursuing!

You may be right. I mean, look at self-driving cars.

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My reason for living is mindfulness.

Not really, I just live because I have to. There’s not much value in my life.

Since i breath on autopilot i am not worried. So i trust whatever triggered it.

I follow my ambitions and try to catch up.

no reason, i live because my biological body still alive

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