Do u like chips

do u like chips…

I know that in the UK - Ireland? they call deep fried potatoes (French Fries) chips - I do love these kind of chips.

I also love American chips - potato chips, a salty junk food.

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Which type of chips? Actually it doesn’t matter i like both

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i think they can be very nice but i like wedges better, fries are ok

I do like chips but I don’t keep them in the house because I’ll eat the whole bag. You must be on a med that causes cravings

Noticed that a few people I know that have problems with a part of the brain crave sour tasting chips like Dill pickle and salt and vinegar. Which are my favourites too.

I liked it when it was on, but I haven’t seen it in years and years.


I do like chips, both kind. But I’m the only one here to eat them. That is why I don’t normally bring them home.
No corner grocery store to run to. For that matter no corner either.


I like both. I am known to eat bags of flavored chips at a time, like barbecue chips or vinegar chips or Doritos. I like kettle barbeque chips.

I also like fries, known as French fries here in the south. I could go for both right now but I’m on a diet and it sucks ass. I get just enough food no more. At least I am really fit. Training tomorrow at 8am gonna suck. Diet sucks.


My grandfather was British/Irish so I grew up with the U.K. names. I like both chips (French fries) and crisps (what we call potato chips in Canada). I eat too darn much of both.


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I like what they are in the US and what they are in Australia though the latter I prefer chicken salt or ketchup or both on.

I quite like home-made chips but haven’t made them for ages . I also like the chips you get when ordering fish and chips.

I like mcdonalds french fries

I love anything potato too much

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“French fries” are my favorite food, if I had to choose. Dipped in Ranch dressing. The thick steak-fries kind are the best. Makes me happy just thinking about them.

I love chips with vinegar. I like crisps also.

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I never met a chip I didn’t like.
fortunately for me my favorite, Lays “wasabi and ginger” are no longer available.

my other favorite is the metal silhouette of a fish (religious symbol you put on the back of your car) and the inside of the fish has the letters “chips”
getting hungry now, it’s past lunch.

I’d have to say lays cheddar cheese. I have been know to devour a family size in one sitting.

Lol in the UK Lays is known as Walkers.

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I think we may be the only ones who call them walkers, not sure why that is though

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