Do U guys eat beef..? How tasty is it..?

Cow slaughtering is punishable act in our country…!!!
We worship cow as a goddess…!!
Does it taste like mutton…I like chicken BTW…!!

I doesnt taste like chicken more like mutton.


Beef is my second favorite meat. Pork is number one…a good beef steak is very good…chicken has no flavor where beef is full of rich meaty taste…hard to describe…sorry you can’t eat beef!

I like the fact that cows are considered sacred in some parts of the world, almost accounts for the inhumane slaughter that occurs in the other parts of the world.

Cow is good, though.


Seriously ? I know this is true but I seen so many leather shoes and handbags in India. Dunno how it works.

is beef hamburger? Hamburgers are tasty @.@ I don’t think it tastes like mutton or chicken

Beef is an extremely tasty meat.

I don’t know how I could live without burgers.

it tastes like more

I don’t eat beef because it has a certain iron in it that causes cancer in humans when eaten.

It’s called heme iron.

I never really liked beef nor meat.

Beef is tasty (I love churrasco), but my number one is pork loin. I like chicken a lot as well.

Red meat is less healthy than fowel so you’re doing your body a favor not eating it. But damn is it good! That said I rarely eat beef since moving to the west coast! I like Asian beef a lot. Thai, Chinese and Japanese.

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Wait wait wait…I too have leather goods from India…how’s that work…are the hides imported…do you gotta wait for the cow to go from natural causes…is it none bovine leather…

@far_cry0 is from Nepal. They might have different laws to India.

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Cows are sacred in India too. All over India. It’s prohibited to kill cows. Yet I’ve seen my relatives with leather shoes and bags. I was born Jain. I’ve known a lot of Jains claiming to be completely dedicated to their religion but nothing stops them from wearing those shoes. Some of it is lack of knowledge.

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Maybe it is horse leather?

No pretty sure there’s not many horses over there.

Oh man. Nothing compares to a perfectly cooked bloody steak. Mmm.

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I’d get paranoid without meat. main part of my diet. Chef Boyardee beef ravioli is really good.

Its like trying to explain what a color is to a blind person, right? He only will know if he sees it.
You will only know what beef taste likes if you taste it yourself.