Do people with sz don't trust people because they don't trust themselve?


Do some people suffering from schizophrenia don’t trust people,because they cannot trust themselve either??


for a couple of years I could not trust myself because I was so fragile and dumb. But now I am feeling better, more stable and stronger. I start to count on myself again. But If trust other people is another issue and I rarely think about it.


That’s great,do you think good medication plays a role or is it truly attitude change??i can’t expect to pull myself up when everything looks bad and depressing for me…I tried to think positively and change a lifestyle or habit,in the end I go back to the baseline or even worst again…


I think it can be a combination of things. Since I’m not diagnosed I can only guess that yes it must be hard to trust other people when your own feelings and thoughts are making it hard to trust yourself. Paranoia may play a part. Unfortunately people can also give you reason to not trust them through lack of understanding. Sometimes not trusting can cause a self-fulfilling prophecy of untrust. You believe it therefor you see it. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and put some trust into someone to learn that you can trust them. Sometimes you get hurt in the process.


Haha,I plan to slow things down and sacrifice my sleep for more leisure purpose,I want to sleep around 7 hr a day,shouldn’t be too bad,I got a perfection personality,there was one point whenever I not sleep enough,I feel bad,now I don’t care much,just try to get least 7 hrs


sleep is SO important in mood lifes a rollercoatser isn’t it up down up down at least its never boring for us guys!


Lol I don’t trust people because I understand people really well. People are all over the place.


There are times when I can’t trust my own brain to be my own brain. I got so scattered and torn up. I didn’t trust anyone then, just the grandiose delusions I had.